April Cornell

Emily Dress

Just... dreamy. The imagination runs a little wild when we consider elevated creations like the Emily, in these instances a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Juliet Blouse

Crafted from elegant rayon crepe, this romantic poetic shape features gentle gathers, cotton crochet ties and delicate elastic in the cuff . . .  just dainty enough for a poetry reading.

Homestead Jersey Skirt

April brings the drama to Empress poetry readings with this stunning viscose jersey design fashioned with natural coconut shell buttons and a fan-tabulous flounce. It is reminiscent of the walks through the woods, at the old Homestead.


Behold the Golden Lodge, an enchanting design woven with yarn dyed brushed cotton and graced by pretty pleats and side seam pockets for the Empress.


Beloved Canadian Author! As enchanting as it gets to be a poet, this design is woven with yarn dyed brushed cotton and graced by sweet embroideries for burning the midnight candle by all of us.