Secret Garden Dress

Here’s the last fantasy frontier we’ve just discovered. Meet those dressed in fragrant, haze, and flowing garbs, who lures you getting into the Secret Garden.

The captivating aroma of flowers gently swinging in their hair wreaths will make you drunk without wine. Amused with the “Secret Garden” collection, we’ve thought of creating a venue for your dreams and the Empress. Elegant dresses of luscious colors will make her ladies bloom so that you never can tell whether they are adorned with flowers or turned into flowers themselves?

Its simple inner construction ensures the Empress's dress remains a focal point, still, her ladies are as comfortable as they befit.

Broad oval neckline with linen binding reveals just the right amount of skin, while the lacing lends graceful silhouette and allows easy fitting. Full sweeping maxi skirt keeps the Empress and her beauties up dancing and twirling all day long.

All about pristine charm, our Secret Garden dress is the epitome of medieval style. Give in the temptation to wander its narrow paths and gazing at a lost world where nature reigns supreme.

Source: Armstreet Clothing


“German Rose” Cotton Dress

Without her, autumn came and trees became austere,
And after that the time grew quickly, year by year by year.
Still, I listen for whispers of that song I could have known,
And look to my garden, gnarled and my flowers overgrown.
I tell myself, as winter comes, if I could just have her here,
She would be my finest rose.

You can’t go wrong with simple, understated beauty around the Empress.

Most of the inspiration for this dress for the Empress (whose paternal background is German) came from “The Crucifixion” oil painting, which was painted around 1540 by Anton Woesam. At the front of the painting, there is a figure kneeling, wearing the dress that we based our initial design on. In the original painting, the sleeves were shorter, but we still took the basic silhouette and square neckline from this as a starting point. Our design process from here was to look at other garments from the era and figure out how to engineer the dress in a way that looked fantastic but was still comfortable for our customers to wear. This dress has the same flattering silhouette as the rest of the collection, giving you a high waist that allows the skirt to drape down below. This leads to a thin, dainty waist, adding grace to the overall silhouette, as well as making just about anyone appear tall and lithe.

Source: Armstreet Clothing