Empress Book Release of 2023


Now Out. . .

"There are so many facets of connection, made real and renewed every time we are in nature. The throwback to animism, where we acknowledge a higher power that has given soul to nature, and spirit to trees, endears us to them like friends."

Emily Isaacson's series of poetry for each month of the year celebrates a child born in each month.

A gift to her family, and their myriad grandchildren, she includes botanical poems for each month with her selections from the Celtic Tree Calendar that have gained new insight and significance.

The symbolic trees and botanicals, heralded in the form of odes, are selected by Isaacson for each month of the year. The poems bring to mind special qualities for each plant and child in a day and age when the spiritual nature of trees and their connection to us is largely forgotten. Isaacson references herbology, botany, remedies from botanicals, and the essence of cottagecore in this delightful book for children and adults alike.



Now Out. . .

The Fleur-de-lis, a document by woman poet Emily Isaacson, was born from the confines of her imprisonment, producing over 800 poems in both English and French. Hailed as a mystic, her free-verse poetry astounded critics, earning her recognition as a distinguished figure in Canadian literature, with The Fleur-de-lis being likened to a royal bouquet that has traversed the borders to England.

Crafted for a prince, the collection now stands as a regal compilation in one volume, bearing the authentic words and personal seal of its enigmatic creator. Isaacson's poems, akin to mini speeches, manage to forge an intimate connection with readers. The fleur-de-lis, her enduring symbol, becomes a powerful metaphor for valour, standing resolute against the challenges she faced. The poems, whose recipients have been recluses, monks, and ministers, resonate in convents but face rejection in churches. The dichotomy of her gift, viewed by some as divine and others as witchcraft, only adds layers to the mystique surrounding Isaacson's work.

As history approached the conclusion of the Queen's era, the Royal Rose, Isaacson's poems transcended their temporal origins, becoming timeless expressions that would uplift and resonate with readers. Her legacy endures, casting her as the Queen of distant lands and closer hearts, leaving an indelible call through the corridors of time and offering a beacon of hope for next generations.