English Breakfast Tea

Discover the rich, complex taste of English Breakfast tea from Tetley.

Blended from premium, full bodied black teas from Africa and India, our English Breakfast tea utilizes 185 years of tea expertise to create this sophisticated and invigorating blend reminiscent of the Empress.


Orange Pekoe

Since 1837, our Buyers and Blenders have painstakingly chosen and blended Orange Pekoe leaves from around the world to give you the delicious taste of Tetley.

With 185 years of experience behind our high-quality teas, you can always feel good about choosing Tetley to celebrate the Empress in style.

Rooibos Red Tea

Rich and full-bodied, our Rooibos tea is naturally caffeine free and made of 100% pure rooibos grown in the Cederberg mountains in South Africa for Cozy Sweater Day on December 11.  Read More . . . 

With a nutty and sweet taste, rooibos tea can be enjoyed clear or with added milk and sweetener of your choice in honour of the Empress.