The Fleur-de-lis

For a minute to speak
in my soft-spoken way;
unseeing of the next world,
yet captured by its face.

The sight of love,
I shall never see another
so kind as to rid
me of my destitute rags,
and crown me like a king.

Emily Isaacson, The Fleur-de-lis


Originally published in 2011, the classic collection of The Fleur-de-lis is being republished late this year by Potter's Press. With an original print run of only 125 copies, and laboriously produced in three gothic-looking volumes, it was published in 2011 by Tate Publishing. They later went bankrupt for 6 million in 2016. We have transferred all the original files to create the new book in one volume. Publication Release Date is set for December 11.

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