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Coming 2025

Photographic Art

Isaacson's New Media includes many captures of the Fraser River in B.C. Canada. 

Coming 2024

Poetry in Gothic Style

Lilith Street’s new work is a narrative poem of 11 cantos of 7 stanzas each, measured in 11 lines. It is a syllabic rhyming poem. In this small work, she is both master and prophet, describing the literary landscape. Akin to Homer in his writing of The Iliad, she recreates the figures Helen of Troy and Achilles, telling of a war within men and women to rival the Trojan War.

Painting the anger of Achilles and his rival leadership in the underground caverns of New York, the story tells of the escape of four men from a prison in the “city that never sleeps.” They join a network of outcasts who have dug their way out into the catacombs of the underworld.


Ancient to contemporary